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Psychology Express - Essential Revision from Pearson Education

Psychology Express - Essential Revision from Pearson Education

The Psychology Express undergraduate revision guide series will help you to understand key concepts quickly, revise effectively and make sure your answers stand out. Each text is tailored to help you:

  • Prepare for exams and coursework using sample questions and assessment advice
  • Maximise your marks and approach exams with confidence
  • Quickly grasp key research, critical issues and practical applications

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Psychology Express Revision Guides
9781447921646 Abnormal and Clinical Psychology Dr Tim Jones
9780273737223 Biological Psychology Kevin Silber
9780273737988 Cognitive Psychology Jonathan Ling
9780273737285 Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology Dominic Upton
9780273735168 Developmental Psychology Dominic Upton
9781447921660 Educational Psychology Penney Upton
9781447921677 Forensic Psychology Dr Laura Caulfield
9781447921653 Health Psychology Dr Angel Chater
9781447921684 Occupational Psychology Catherine Steele
9780273735151 Personality and Individual Differences Dominic Upton
9780273737254 Research Methods for Psychology Mark Forshaw
9780273737193 Social Psychology Jenny Mercet
9781447923961 Sport Psychology Dr Paul McCarthy
9780273738107 Statistics for Psychology Holly Andrews

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